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Cake Donut Shelf Life Extender

Todays market demands a cake donut with an ever increasing shelf life. Over the past 15 years the typical market shelf life of donuts has increased from 10 days to 45 days!

Our cake donut shelf life extender is designed to help with the drying and staling of cake donuts.

Our blend contains the proper cake donut emulsifier system that allows for a controled yet adequate fat absorbtion. The proper fat level is the first critical part of extended shelf life cake donuts. The proper ratio of cake donut emulsifiers also helps bind a portion of the water.

Our blend contains a blend of gums which bind even more water. Water must be held by the donut to prevent sugarwhite break down.

The final portion of our Cake Donut shelf life extender are enzymes. All of todays extended shelf life baked goods rely on enzyme modification of the starch. This level is critical. Over dosing the enzymes has terrible effects and levels that are too low result in dry donuts in 2 to 4 weeks.

This balance system is designed to replace the majority of emulsifiers, gums and enzymes in your formula. Preservatives will still need to be added to assure a mold free shelf life.

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Email us at or call us at 856-778-8148 and ask for Rick or George.

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