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Dry Cakes - Stake Cakes - Crumbly Cakes

The number one complaint with cakes is dry or crumbly cakes. All of these complaints are inter-related and sometimes are actually the same complaint. The average cake customer does not like a dry cake, a crumbly cake or a stale cake. All three of these terms are used by customers to describe the same cake problem.

Cake bakers have fought this issue for years. In the past, gums, starches and corn syrups were used to combat dry cake, stale cake and crumbly cake. None of these solutions made a significant difference to the dry or stale cake problem. Commercial cake mixes make can make great moist cakes, but the cost is sometimes too high for the scratch baker to tolerate.

We have a solution to this problem with an innovate emulsifier that truly binds the water to make a great ultra moist cake.

The solution: Polyglycerol Esters

We have an innovative solution for your dry cake, stale cake and crumbly cake problem. MoistCake is a powerful emulsifier that binds with water. This bound water does not evaporate during the baking process or on shelf life. Polyglycerol esters significantly increases the moisness of all cakes.

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Email us at or call us at 856-778-8148 and ask for Rick or George.

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